7 Celebs Selling Space in NYC

7 Celebs Selling Space in NYCSomething about celebrities is utterly magical ― maybe it is their exceptional beauty or their obvious success ― and collecting bits and pieces of the greatest stars seems to come naturally. Most people only obtain signatures scrawled on posters or the odd movie prop, but if you are looking for property in New York, you have the chance to get your hands on a more substantial piece of the rich and famous: their homes.

Most big celebrities have some property in NYC, which means a handful of star-struck penthouses, co-ops, and townhomes are available every year. Here are some of the biggest names with for-sale real estate right now.

1. David Bowie

Bowie’s recent sudden death rocked the world, and many fans continue to mourn the music legend’s loss. Now more than ever, Bowie memorabilia is highly hunted, which means the most diehard fans might want to start thinking about investing in real estate.

Bowie lived in his SoHo penthouse with his wife, supermodel Iman, since 1992, but a year ago, the pair put the penthouse on the market for nearly $13 million. Recently, the four-bedroom, five-terrace apartment has dropped in price to $11.7 million, and considering the Bowie mania, many experts doubt it will stay empty long.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Two whole years after “consciously uncoupling” from her husband of 12 years Chris Martin (Coldplay frontman), the Oscar-winning actress and her Super Bowl halftime star ex have decided to uncouple also from two condos in lower Manhattan. Fortunately, Paltrow and Martin’s brief recoupling to sell real estate should certainly be profitable.

Located in costly and chic Tribeca, both newly available apartments are located in the luxury River Lofts complex. The larger of the two units, a double-terraced penthouse has an asking price of more than $14 million, while the smaller, lower-level apartment demands only $3.35 million.

3. Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro is noted as a born-and-bred New Yorker. In fact, he was born in Greenwich Village, and based on his real estate purchases, it seems he is reluctant to leave that cozy region of Manhattan. Yet, one of his old properties in the West Village, a penthouse nicknamed “the mansion in the sky,” is on the market.

The penthouse has been available since last April, at which time it was listed for a cool $39.8 million. Since then, the space has endured a number of price cuts, and buyers interested in a modern, minimalist space can pick one up for just over $25 million.

4. Sean Combs

Perhaps better known as Puff Daddy, P-Diddy, Diddy, or Puffy, Sean Combs identifies as a musician, an actor, a producer, and an entrepreneur. However, Combs certainly doesn’t claim to have a handle on the real estate market, as evidenced by his Midtown condo. The 66th-floor apartment in Park Imperial has been available since 2012, indicating that buyers aren’t liking something about this luxurious suite.

Containing two bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths (as well as magnificent views of Central Park) the condo was first priced at well over $8.5 million. Even without a buyer, the price has only dropped to about $7 million.

5. David Blaine

Making magic tricks cool is certainly an unbelievable feat, but for more than a decade, illusionist and endurance artist David Blaine has succeeded. This month, Blaine seeks to perform another act of daring: making his Greenwich Village apartment disappear (sort of).

Blaine’s pad, located on Fifth Avenue, is a top-floor corner with two bedrooms and one bathroom ― a living space utterly bereft of magical tools or enchanted contraptions. Currently, the listing price is $2.27 million, which nearly seems a work of trickery considering the apartment’s excellent location.

6. Bobby Flay

One of the top contenders on “Iron Chef’ is looking to best the NYC real estate market, as well. Chef Bobby Flay, who also owns a kitchenware brand, is so eager to move out from his Chelsea Duplex (following a messy divorce from “Law & Order: SVU” actress Stephanie March) that he has listed it twice: once for sale at about $8 million and once again for rent at over $22,500 per month.

The space comprises the entire eighth and ninth floors above the Chelsea Mercantile, and both apartments contain complete chef’s kitchens ― as though we could expect anything less of an Iron Chef.

7. Maya Angelou

It should come as no surprise that influential poet and activist Maya Angelou has property in one of the most culturally important and divisive boroughs: Harlem. It also is not terribly shocking that Angelou opted not for a turnkey condo, but instead, she invested in a dilapidated building, transforming it into a beautiful home at once stylish and subdued. Today, the historic Harlem Brownstone stands a testament to the power of the neighborhood when it is armed with strength and committed to hard work.

Located on 120th Street, the Brownstone is four stories tall and contains five bedrooms and five baths to match. Angelou’s family is asking just over $5 million for this gem.

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